Topo Mini - The Smaller Non-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks, by Ergodriven | Canada-Wide Shipping

Topo Mini - The Smaller Non-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks, by Ergodriven | Canada-Wide Shipping

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Topo Mini is the smaller version of Topo | Top Pick “Best Standing Desk Mat” Since 2016 by NY Times’ Wirecutter

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With over 1500 5-Star reviews, it boasts premium comfort material and patented next-generation terrain features for active standing; designed for shorter users, smaller work spaces, and tighter budgets.


A Topo Mini standing mat leaves you feeling energized and productive because the more you move, the better you feel. 


Topo Mini's industry-leading contours and material deliver a unique combination of micro and macro movements that erase the fatigue caused by stationary standing.

Unlike distracting balance boards and treadmills, the cushioned terrain drives subconscious movements that massage your feet and stretch your legs. 

Reposition your Topo Mini with one foot.  

Buy in confidence thanks to Topo Mini's 7-year manufacturer’s warranty and 100% full-refund satisfaction guarantee.

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Should I get Topo or Topo Mini?

Great question! Here's a handy graphic to help you decide:  Which Topo Mat is Right for Me?


See Topo - Original

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How it works


Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by the creators of Topo - Ergodriven

What are the dimensions of Topo and Topo Mini?

Topo is 29” wide (along your desk) x 26.25” back (away from your desk) x 2.7″ tall at highest, is 0.85" thick in the neutral area, and weighs 8 lbs. Topo Mini is 25.2” wide (along your desk) x 19.2” back (away from your desk) x 2.47″ tall at highest, and weighs 4 lbs.

How do I get started with Topo?

Topo arrives with a packaging insert including a link to Topo's online startup guide (Mini's is here), where you'll find neat videos and infographics with some positions we love. We've found that after 20-30 minutes of consciously varying their stances, users are off the races, subconsciously creating and enjoying every stance imaginable.

Does Topo have a height limit?

If you're over 6'5", Topo may feel a bit small to you. Up to that height, we're confident that Topo provides a fantastic experience. If you're 5'4" or shorter, we recommend Topo Mini.

What is Topo made of?

Topo is 100% non-toxic polyurethane foam, with no PVC or plasticizers (like phthalates), or added flame retardants. Think of Topo as a high quality anti-fatigue mat material with an active terrain molded into it.

What is Topo's Return Policy / Warranty?

Up to 30 days after delivery receive a full refund for returned items that are in good condition. After that, your Topo is protected by a 7-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, misuse and improper usage. Failure to follow the "Recommended Use" or heed the "Warnings" on Topo's packaging insert may void this warranty.

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