How Topo Works

Are You a Standing Desk User?

Topo is Designed Specifically for You.

Topo is the ergonomic anti-fatigue mat designed specifically for standing desk users. The calculated terrain features drive you to move more, which means healthier standing at your standing desk.

It's counterintuitive, but just having the raised features on the mat - the calculated terrain - causes your brain to subconsciously engage and move your feet to explore, articulate, and stretch as you stand.

And as the research increasingly shows, the true benefit of standing over sitting is increased movement. With Topo, you'll never end up standing relatively still for hours, fatigued and stiff.

It’s hard to imagine exactly what it feels like to step onto Topo’s cushioning, supportive terrain, so read the glowing reviews from Topo’s fantastic crowdfunding backers and Amazon customers, or from The Wirecutter.

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It’s easy to see why Topo is the new standard in standing desk mats. 

Why is Topo the best Standing Desk Mat?

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