About inHabit

inHabit promotes a healthy working lifestyle by providing resources, education, and equipment designed help hard working people to navigate their workday with more energy, comfort, focus, and better sleep. We believe it is possible to be focused and energized throughout the workday even through times of heavy workload and high-stress. By learning to design a revitalizing workday, you can feel great, get more done, and keep the dream alive.


Healthy Habits + Healthy Work Habitats = inHabit Workplace Wellness


 About Tim Kessler, Workday Performance Coach and CEO


I am a 31 year-old Canadian Nomad and business owner living in a custom-built Tiny House in the Alberta Foothills. My background is in fitness coaching, counselling, ergonomics and retailing healthy office equipment. 

I have a unique perspective because I’ve worked in various environments, from physical labour and physical fitness, to sedentary office work, from front-line youth work to workplace health and safety, to working from home as a business owner and employer. Since 2013 I’ve gone from being burned out, in pain, and underslept to leading balanced and high performing workdays even when stress is high and time is tight.

I’ve helped myself overcome common side effects of the average working life by implementing what I’ve learned from my dedication to understanding human performance, states of well-being, and how the built environment affects us. 

Today I lead balanced and revitalizing workdays that give me more time and energy for the people and things most important to me. I am devoted to helping hard working people learn to feel great, get more done, and keep the dream alive.


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