Revitalizing the Workday | Cultivating a Mindset for Well-Being in Times of High Stress and Uncertainty

Revitalizing the Workday | Cultivating a Mindset for Well-Being in Times of High Stress and Uncertainty

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Since the onset of the pandemic workers everywhere have become familiar with what it is like to deal with high-stress, uncertainty, fear, and more during their workdays. The very foundation of our workdays has been tested and put under new pressures, often while demanding more from us when we have less to give. As a result, fundamentals like physical comfort, stress management, and work/life balance have become more elusive and difficult to maintain. Without this strong foundation, the workday becomes far less enjoyable while negatively impacting performance and our ability to show up for those who depend on us.

And, even if you know better, often times the difference between KNOWING and DOING what is good for you can be found in how much clarity, certainty, and commitment you have for making your goals a reality. 

If you can relate to the above and are experiencing more side effects of heavy work loads, changing work environments, and are losing touch with your personal standards you don’t have to struggle alone. Even if you just wish you had even just a little more 'umph' in your workday, this workshop will be useful to you.

So if you could use an easy to follow framework, a refreshed mindset, and could benefit from finding more clarity and certainty within your workday, this workshop is coming at a great time.

Join Workday Performance Coach, Tim Kessler, in this 90min training to learn how to build a mindset for revitalizing your workday so you can feel great, have fun, and get more done regardless of what work has in store for you.


A special message for leaders, managers, and wellness advocates...

If any of the above resonates with you imagine what it would look like if your team had the mindset and skillset for identifying, responding, and regulating stress even when pressure is high and time is tight.  Come set the foundation so you can lead your team towards a mindset forinspired action when it comes to managing stress and well-being.

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